Strength Training with Far-Flung!

The latest addition to the Far-Flung Dogs Training Facility is a strength training pool and gym for our canine friends. Swimming can't be beat as an all around exercise. It is low impact, and easy on the joints, works multiple muscle groups at once, and the dogs are not in danger of overheating so can work longer, with greater benefit.

The above ground pool is housed in the refurbished greenhouse. The rest of the greenhouse has been outfitted as a strength training gym. Designed for a much larger pool than ours, the salt water filtration system serves to minimize the use of chlorine and other chemicals, and keep the water clean and soft. Skimmers and routine vacuuming keep the hair under control.

Swimming can help post surgery, dysplastic, arthritic and older dogs regain and maintain good muscle tone. It is also a great way to strength train the athletic dog, and burn some energy off our high drive friends... it will help take the weight off too! And did we mention, it is a ton of fun for you and your dog(s)? Yep, it is!

At your first swim sessions we make sure you understand the rules and operation of the pool, how to use the swim aids and how to get the most out of the facility. Bring towels, expect to get wet, and plan to spend about an hour with an instructor per session until you are comfortable with using the pool. After the orientation sessions, you can schedule swim sessions for your dog.

We will work with you (and your vet) to help you set the appropriate goals for your dog(s) and then set up a schedule to help you meet those goals. The gym is open to those who have scheduled a swim free of charge for that day, so you can get additional strength training in pre or post swim. The check out swim includes a tutorial for the gym.

If your dogs love swimming you will appreciate the discounted price of a yearly pass. Dogs in rehab from injuries, those working to lose a few pounds, or keep the arthritis at bay appreciate the ability to use your time in increments as you see fit.


The first two swims and orientation to the facility is $50.00

Yearly pass: $210.00

Six month pass: $150.00

Monthly pass: $40.00

One session: $20.00

assisted swimming: call for a quote

Scroll down and enjoy the photos and then give us a call to set up an orientation swim and tutorial for the gym.