Directions to the Papai'kou field from Hilo:

Drive  North, (Hamakua) on Hwy 19 in Papa'ikou turn left @ Kimura store, on Mill Road; Rt @ Stop Sign; stay on this road, pass the credit union and the old Sugar Mill Offices and drive almost exactly .2 mile from the stop sign. The first left you can take is a rough road with a hand written sign that says "Ho'ulu": turn left. Follow that road and beware of the speed bumps. they are terrible! .4 mile from that turn, you will come to an intersection. Take a gradual left, not a sharp left. If you look up you will see two greenhouses with white roofs, to the left of where you are, that is the facility.

If you are coming from Hamakua, turn RT. at Pinky's.

If you get lost, call 756-0519

(photo above is the field, © Ben Inouye)


Fiorella having fun with her Frisbee. © Kirk Francis